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Power of Prayer
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Welcome to PRAYERPOWER! This livejournal community is designed to harness the prayer power of thousands of likeminded livejournal users. The rules are simple: post your dreams, wishes, hopes, and desires here and the members of the prayer community will pray for it to come true! Although these posts can take any form, pictures are always the best because they help God and the people praying know exactly what you're wishing for.

Don't hold back. Don't be afraid to wish for what you truly want, even if its something silly or material, like a new car or a Playstation III. Don't be afraid to wish for personal things, like love or happiness or good looks. Or you could even post for the welfare of others! It's really up to you!

Of course, the only real rule is that, as a member of the community, you should include the wishes posted here in your daily or nightly prayer -- or even pray right there on the spot! Pray as many times as you like -- the more the better!

AND DON'T BE JUDGEMENTAL about other people's hopes, dreams, and desires.

Q. Is this group only for Christians?
A. Well, mostly, but we encourage people of all faiths to join in and use they're own personal prayer power, and to take advantage of ours! The point of the community is sharing and caring, so we won't exclude any one, racially, sexually, or religiously!

Q. Will God know my LJ username?
A. We can't really answer for God, but we can almost say for certain that because he sees everything, he'll probably know your LJ name (and he probably reads your LJ too!). Though its probably not likely that this is the name that appears in the Book of Life. It's up to you to make sure you straighten that out before Judgement.